"It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people."

Finding good people is better than finding good medical sales candidates

Industry experience

We have walked in your shoes. With over 20 years of medical sales industry experience, we understand the challenges of finding the ideal candidate to help grow your organization. Not only does this involve finding the perfect representative to grow your sales, but also finding the right personality fit for your organization.

We strive to preserve your most valued assets… your reputation and your culture.

Candidates found within our company have industry experience
Recruiting shouldn't be a waste of time.

We value your time

As a sales manager, there is nothing more precious than your time. We understand that you have your hands full with managing your current sales team, reviewing sales reports, and addressing the immediate needs of the business. That said, finding new sales talent and filling territories can be time-consuming.

Our number one mission, never waste your time. Every candidate we send will be thoroughly vetted and ready to tackle the specific needs of the position.  We will take the time on the front end to specifically review your needs and criteria for each situation.  Quality Candidates will always win the day over quantity!

Why choose crossvine recruiting

Having lived in the medical device world for the past 20 years, we understand all aspects of the industry. We understand the companies, the products, the competition, and the different nuances of specific specialties and call points.

There are too many recruiters out there who don’t know or don’t care that all medical sales jobs are not the same. It may sound simple, but we know that a cardiologist is not the same thing as a cardiac surgeon. We take the time to understand your technology and how it is impacting healthcare and improving patients. We are careful to be good brand ambassadors for your company when talking to candidates.

We reach out to best represent you